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Now, I get asked a lot by aspiring PUA’s: “Kenny, why should I tell girls that I’m taken (even though I’m really single)”? I don’t give a shit which girl says that she’s drama-free, hates drama and all that gibberish!Coupled with what I’d mentioned in the previous section, there are many reasons why this is a good strategy. Those are the types who love drama and competing for male attention the most!

Whenever I do meet other women (even just for casual chat), I’m always straight up about my status.

Is that if you’re taken; say that you’re taken and not lie and say that you’re single!

She doesn’t get that soap opera moment by hooking up with a guy who’s single.

We can blame it on Femi-Nazism, religion and the media which brainwash men into believing that (all) women want and should have monogamy.

Feminist-backed western society has fucked the whole process of courtship so badly, that men actually believe that hiding their marital or relationship statuses from other women is the way to go.As a PUA who was single, I would lie my ass off constantly to girls I’d meet, and tell them that I was married and looking to have affairs!