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The accumulated debt as a result of this war dictated the creation of a new central bank by European financiers.Thus, in 1816, President James Madison was compelled to kept the nation under Jewry’s thrall, America was no longer under the heel of Jewish bankers.These protesters were asking you to protect your students, but you didn’t even defend the one who needed to be protected right in front of you.For someone who preaches about “leadership” and “personal and social responsibility,” your actions are particularly disappointing. You were afraid that students would also mock and humiliate you if you defended Dean Spellman, Third, ASCMC President Will Su.We are adults, and we need to be mature enough to take ownership of and responsibility for our feelings, rather than demanding that those around us cater to our individual needs.The hypocrisy of advocating for “safe spaces” while creating an incredibly unsafe space for President Chodosh, former Dean Spellman, the student who was “derailing,” and the news media representatives who were verbally abused unfortunately seemed to soar over many of your heads.This is not a political statement—this is a person’s livelihood that you so carelessly sought to destroy.

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We are disappointed that you did not allow for any time for reflection before making your quick executive decisions to announce a student-wide endorsement of this movement and to grant these students a temporary “safe space” in the ASCMC offices.

And though it wouldn’t hurt to have a more diverse faculty, the demand that CMC increase the number of minority faculty members either rests on the assumption that CMC has a history of discriminating against qualified professors of color, or, more realistically, it advocates for the hiring of less qualified faculty based simply on the fact that they belong to marginalized groups.