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Try to destroy the wall and collect all jewels and gold by hitting them with your mattock. Play now Nothing enchants you more than these shiny rocks of gold!! Play now The legendary Mahjongg game of removing identical blocks with multiple levels of difficulty ranging from Dream Easy to the unbeatable Ninja.As a gold miner you have to fish in gold rocks worth certain dollars to move onto the next level. Push your personal capacities to their limits so that your can complete this game successfully!Play now Here we are in the wild west in the mid 1800s.There wasn't too much to do for fun back in those days so most of the people who had money played some poker. Actually, you could earn so much that you could buy the ent... There are some amazing animal head idols in the Amazon.Are you going to help him a little because he is r... You can also create your own strip-poker champion by uploading your own pictures in the account page !

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