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"Let me knock this one out with my 9-mil first," Rock says, reaching into his holster. Rock hands a rifle to Audrey, showing her where to aim at the blond boar. " she says, sticking the gun into the cage and firing. "That's unbelievable." Everyone surveys the damage. Rock, 44, sings about cruising Southern back roads and sipping Jim Beam at juke joints on "Good Times Lookin' for Me," and he salutes gun-loving, denim-wearing women on "Johnny Cash." "Jesus and Bocephus" is a spare, fiddle-steeped hymn that pays tribute to the Bible and getting stoned listening to Hank Jr.

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"If for some reason they get out, jump up in back of [the truck].Two light-colored sows and a small boar huddle together in the back of the cage. "Well, there's some excitement to get the day started!As we get closer, they get jittery, walking in circles around one another, grunting and crashing. It falls, stays still, then lurches back up, blood spilling from behind its ear. "Two to the head with a .45 and it's still kicking," he says. Some locals will come by later to purchase the hogs. " He wrote songs like "Drinking Beer With Dad," a winding, melancholy track about watching his son grow up, on his Troy porch over a cigar and coffee."They were living by the creek — tents set up, riding around trying to kill shit. I'm like, ' Jamey, have you ever heard of insurance?

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' I had to tell them to get the fuck off my property." (Johnson agrees: "I moved into his woods out there for a while.

I'm saving my money for beer and having a good time.' " Rock sometimes seems like a right-wing politician catering to his base. "The caption should've been, ' Somebody look at me! ' " Before he became a star, Rock would decorate his stage with stolen liquor-store signs and burst out of a pyramid made of peg boards and construction paper.

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