Who is xtina dating

11-Apr-2016 21:07

coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera reacted to the tragic death of the show’s family member Christina Grimmie.

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Now, “The Voice” fans are speculating that Gwen’s new boyfriend could mean that she will stay on “The Voice.” It’s no secret that there is a feud brewing between Christina and Gwen – the No Doubt singer is sick and tired of Christina’s attitude and the fact that she thinks of Gwen as just her “substitute” until she comes back to work.

That’s why I like to talk about the fact that sometimes I am attracted to women. This was around the time she released her video for “Not Myself Tonight,” which featured Christina sharing some S&M-themed moments with another woman. My husband and I check in with each other, but I definitely love women. I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman because that’s a lot of…what do you call it? Yeah, there’s a lot of estrogen and I’m a lot to deal with when it’s that time of the month, so I can’t imagine it times two. When it comes to having a relationship with a woman, it appears she is not so interested, or at least had yet to engage in something emotional with someone of the same sex.

When Out asked her about the song’s line “I’m kissing all the girls, I’m kissing all the boys,” she responded: I don’t get to kiss all the girls and the boys, but my husband knows that I get into girls. Although she doesn’t specifically refer to herself as bisexual, it does seem that Christina isn’t straight.

I will say she does have a lot of people on her team, a whole entourage to help her, and she knows what she is doing. We love Xtina’s wacky outfits and think he had no right to ask such a disturbing question." Aguilera and Daly were rumored to have dated in 2002.

Rachel Mc Rady of Wet Paint, who thought it was "one of the strangest questions" ever asked, said: "Personally, we find George’s comments to be completely unprofessional and offensive.

Kathleen added: "He is a wonderful son and a very loyal person, who hates seeing anyone upset.