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Tareq Salahi accuses Michaele Salahi of "humiliating him" in a ploy to make money for Schon, his famed band and herself. 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits The suit, filed in Warren County Circuit Court by Salahi's attorney, lists several defendants, including Mrs.

Salahi, Nomota Inc., the business arm for Journey, and DD Entertainment LLC, a publicist/agent for Salahi and Schon.

Like any live wedding, there was plenty of down time while the wedding party posed for official photographs.

So the hosts killed time with wedding chit-chat: Friends of the couple Sammy Hagar (who donated his signature rum for the reception), Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, R&B singer Brian Mc Knight and fellow reality star Omarosa Manigault (but none of the D. “Housewives” as far as we could see) beamed for the cameras.

The “Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event” began with the hosts recapping the romance between the bride, 48, and groom, 59: The two first met at a Journey concert and he invited the willowy blonde and her friend backstage. C.”, their appearance at Obama’s first state dinner in 2009 (which prompted a federal investigation of security procedures and several lawsuits).

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C.’s Constitution Hall 18 years ago, tied the knot in front approximately 18 bridesmaids (we lost count after a dozen), 14 groomsmen.

"Neal Schon and Journey are very pleased with the resolution of all legal issues and claims involving Mr. Salahi’s claims on two separate occasions, all matters have now been finally resolved."Sources close to the situation also tell us ...

The White House crasher whose wife left him in a blaze of tabloid glory for Journey guitarist Neal Schon has filed a million lawsuit claiming to have been "emotionally and financially" ruined by her actions, the Northern Virginia Daily is reporting.

Tareq Salahi of Bravo’s now-cancelled “The Real Housewives of D.

C.” claims his wife Michaele Salahi, one-half of the White House party-crashing duo, has been abducted.The Salahis filed for divorce two months ago, but Tareq asserts his wife left him for Schon in September in an attempt to bump up interest -- and thus ticket sales -- for Journey's tour.