Who is lisa rogers dating

03-Jun-2015 00:07

It’s no good at all, really; it doesn’t make her happy.

If I didn’t have my social conscience I’d have married a footballer and divorced him and kept the money!

TCP: What electric cars have you driven and what’s your favourite? LR: I met a guy on the Brighton to London Eco Rally who is now doing PR for Aston Martin but at the time was working for Tesla and said, “What do I have to do to get one? ” He said, “No, that doesn’t work – Brad Pitt offered sexual favours to have one and I said no to him.” So I thought, well if he’s said no to Brad then I’ve got no chance!

LR: Aside from the LEAF, I’ve driven a Tesla Roadster… But he said I could borrow one for a day and so, next time I was in London I borrowed one for a couple of hours.

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When I was five I was very concerned about the tigers dying out and so on.

My problem is that I do live right out in the countryside, which is only as much of a problem as you want to make it but I would have to have a car with an extended range.