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Sam was born in 1976, in São Paulo, Brazil, the younger brother of two sisters, the son of parents who’d left Korea two years earlier and who, in 1991, would resettle in Torrance, California, just south of Los Angeles, and work as garment fusers. Sam has always been loyal and generous, neurotic and melodramatic, wickedly but unostentatiously smart, frank and funny and someone who makes the people around him feel funny, too, because he laughs frequently and hard.Or do you start the story with the day everything changed?

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One issue featured the “50 Most Beautiful Sexiest Men Alive of the Year at Stanford.” (Hey, we needed to get to those preppy, aloof guys somehow.) Another included a quasi-review in which, with unabashed undergraduate narcissism, we chronicled a “date” we’d gone on at a just-opened Mexican restaurant on campus.

Archeologist and researcher Gabriele Baraldi stumbled upon his first Inga cave in the year 1988 - after which several more were found.

In total, Baraldi has examined up to 497 symbols across all the cave's walls.

Potholes, also filled with the carvings, found near the Inga are thought to have a connection to early civilizations' belief that the first mythical people arose from such shapes in the ground.

Some have speculated an even more complicated hypothesis that the symbols are actually drawn upside-down and coded purposely for additional secrecy.

Standing amidst the waters of the Inga River in Brazil, the mysterious Inga Stone of Paraíba, Brazil is an archeological treasure of much ongoing controversy.

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