Who is arnelle simpson dating

07-Dec-2016 19:15

Simpson, but rather what I am feeling about Marguerite Whitley Simpson Thomas. An "around the way girl" and a "home boy." Different generation, same feeling. "...the day he happened to drive Marguerite's beau to her house, and she walked straight past the miffed boyfriend to chat with Simpson, lounging in a Mustang borrowed from a college recruiter. '" [People Magazine, April 2, 1979] Marguerite was dating Al Cowlings at the time, but like we all know -- things happen. Love was new and fresh, and the brother was fine, athletic, popular, well-built, and on his way to being well-heeled.

Marguerite Simpson, from what I have read, was big on family and faith and fidelity.

and Nicole's marriage, the football player was married to Marguerite Whitley. Aaren died in 1979 after drowning in the pool at Simpson's Rockingham estate, according to CNN.