What is dating and marriage like in spain speed dating meetup

30-Apr-2015 00:14

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So..are implying the reason for divorce is always a woman's fault? Especially if you have a US, Canadian or Australian accent.

I like this topic, its a bit light hearted and funny. There are 8/10's everywhere and if you go to a small town, its like shooting fish in a barrel.

Much less so now, so that if there are a high number of divorces, it doesn't mean everyone is a divorcee, because most couples never get married in the first place, they live together, then part, unless there are kids, most never even mention the word "court", they just go their own ways. I am a very well behaved guy compared with my friends back in the UK, however here I'm seen as a bit "out there" because ill talk to anyone and have a laugh! I think Swedish girls are generally In charge here and are generally in charge of the relationships (myself excluded i hope) However saying that are defiantly kind, caring and beautiful.

Having dated a Swedish girl for 5 years I can make the following observations in my own opinion. What with splitting bills and equality the guys will often go halves even on a 1st date. I've heard of a Swedish guy on a 1st date paying for only himself at the cinema! I would not be here away from family and friends in the cold and dark if she wasn't the best! Again this is my own views based on personal experience, no offence intended! I'm really not into a guy thinking I am going to spread my legs because he bought me a value meal.

Now I will get flamed for this, as most on here are prudish wankers, but its true. They are excellent mothers though, my partner and I have a child, she is an amazing mum but takes the whole partnership thing quite a bit differently.

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