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Married from 1979 to 1999, she didn’t know this during their relationship, but he came out after they split.

Drescher told The Huffington Post that she ended the marriage and when she did, he was actually devastated, but it was possibly the best thing for him because he figured what and WHO he really wanted.

And she wasn’t as devastated as you would think:“When I wrote the New York Times bestseller, ‘Cancer Schmancer,’ that was when he came out.

He told me that he had been dating men and I said, ‘Okay well whatever makes you happy.’ For me it relieved a little bit of the guilt for having left him.”And they’re actually the best of friends now. Dressed in his and her furs, the woman (who would not be named) seemed smitten with Eubanks, and the two were even pictured kissing.

According to reports, back in the day while Herron was married to Garland, he had an affair with Minelli’s husband at the time, Peter Allen. But I was the last one to see him before he died because we stayed friends, and that was tough.”It is also rumored that her last husband, David Gest, might be gay as well, but he has said that it’s just not true.

Whatever he is, all we know is their wedding was an uncomfortable mess and the divorce was even messier., and when Mc Millan was showing him off to the world, she looked genuinely enamored with the guy.

Harry and her ex-husband are great friends even after divorce, as she made numerous appearances on his reality show, and the two have even gone on talk shows together to give tips on how you too, can score a great weave.

Another gorgeous woman, Dreshcher also found herself in a marriage with a man who…well, preferred to be with a man.

I didn’t really have a lot of experience in relationships, but my mom had actually suspected and had said something to me after we broke up.After the fact, she tried to sue him for allegedly trying to ruin her reputation in the public eye, including making her seem like a homophobe:“When I was ready to run him over, it wasn’t because he was gay. Jonathan deep down inside knew I wasn’t homophobic. Too many.”But as she told Oprah, moving forward, she’s no longer angry about it, has found peace with Plummer (and she dropped that suit) and says she can trust men again.“As my mother would say, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole tree.”was said to have dated Bass for a year and seemed to be very much in love with the guy.While they came off as a happy couple during the time (this was the second of Garland’s five marriages), according to a biography on his life, he lived as an openly gay man before making it big in Hollywood, where he felt he needed to hide his sexuality.

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So it was widely rumored that he was into men while the two were married.

Their divorce was messy, as she tried to get alimony (but was denied), and after the fact, she wrote a book about her life, where she made it clear that had she actually known Mc Greevey was gay, she wouldn’t have married him and definitely wouldn’t have had a child with him.