Validating xml against xsd eclipse

27-Jan-2016 18:10

I know I could create XML files and check them against an XSD in eclipse using JAXB.

But I want to create something like this: I am not sure if you are the developer of the system or not but generally speaking it is the responsibility of the devs to write Unit Test (If you are a QA, remind them).

Currently it seems that it is only validating against the web published version of the xsd.

For example I have the following in my xml: In Eclipse the validation goes against the document located at:

The XML editor will process XML files that are invalid or not well-formed.

validating xml against xsd eclipse-47

xcode folder reference not updating

I will post my example, i think that will easy for other to reply so this xml is wrong but how do i validate xml against above mentioned xsd in eclipse.

I'm somewhere in between dev and QA but more QA I think ;) It's good to see that my thoughts about Unit Tests seems a viable way but I dont think SOAP UI is a good way because of Continious Integration as even if it's possible to call SOAP UI via commandline or something like this I can then use java itself.