Validating user input in excel vba

27-Mar-2015 04:33

If you click the Cancel button, Input Box returns False. Count 3 Then Msg Box "Length, width and height are needed -" & _ vb Lf & "please select three cells!

If is 0, Input Box returns the formula in the form of text ? If there are any references in the formula, they are returned as A1-style references. " Exit Sub End If 'Call My Function by value using the active cell.

First, declare the variable my Value of type Variant.

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Add Type:=xl Validate List, Alert Style:=xl Valid Alert Stop, Operator:= _ xl Between, Formula1:= _ "=INDIRECT(" & cell To Be Referred & ")" i know what the error is.simply when Q11 and Z11 are not specified the string would become is_depth_(nothing here)_(nothing here)_values...since it is not a named range it gives an error.problem is excel would let me continue because later i can input Q11 and Z11 and the validation will be available.vba wont let me continue...

One of the most common data validation uses is to create a drop-down list.

Check out this video by Doug from Office as he gives a quick data validation overview.

s input, and it can be used with Microsoft Excel objects, error values, and formulas.

Normally it is possible to apply data validation in excel through vba but i am having a specific problem I am using the indirect method for applying validation,normally when i dont use vba i get a warning by excel that "source currently evaluates to an error,do u want to continue?

" (this is because cells which indirect refers to may be empty), now i can easily skip this error in excel by clicking "Yes" Here's the link validation lists) But when i try to perform the same thing using vba i am getting a runtime error,there is no friendly prompt which allows me to continue. On error resume isnt working because then vba doesnt apply validation at all.