Validating pre post test

11-Sep-2016 22:50

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For response checking, the simulation environment provides various mechanisms like scoreboards, checkers and assertions.For post silicon validation, Tester provides inbuilt mechanism to sample DUT output ports and compare it against the expectation and declare a pass or fail.

In the example, we use a recursive definition of the factorial function.

Post-silicon validation is used to detect and fix bugs in integrated circuits and systems after manufacture. TYPES OF POST SILICON TESTING: There are three basic types of tests that a device needs.

This usually refers to verification of certain "parametric" values of the device.

It needs to be supported by internal enable signal value to detect the direction.

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Hence, extended VCD (EVCD) is used now which directly provides the direction information for inout ports. Each single timeslot is a vector and provides all the information needed to drive, sample and expect for a DUT port.The following screenshot shows the sequence of calls for the example.