Validating newly compiled units no source code is available

13-Jun-2016 00:44

: Print Zoom Fit default value changed from 0 to 1 to show the fit page option in print menu.PDFFit Page updated to work in IE9 , Chrome, Firefox and Safari : Border cursors speeded up in Safari/Chrome B: Cursors were shifted up in Firefox and Mac Safari for main table border : Added attribute Mac Context Menu to show popup menu on right click button up instead of down on Mac OSX, to permit dragging by right mouse button. : Added column attribute Overflow to speed up grid in Chrome/Safari B: Absolute Cursors were set 0 for all browsers, now they are 5 for all browser except Firefox B: Tree Grid did not work correctly in Safari 6.2 B: Moving focused column or row if Selecting Focus was true did not change the focused selection !Arc GIS General: Arc GISDAnalystDAnalyst: Arc GIS\Arc GISCommon Files: Arc GIS\Beagle Graphicc: Arc GIS\Cadastral\Cadastral UI: Arc GIS\Catalog: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\CAD: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\Core: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\Metadata\Editor: Arc GIS\Controls: Arc GIS\Data Sources: Arc GIS\Editor: Arc GIS\Framework : Arc GIS\Geo Analyst: Arc GIS\Geoprocessing: Arc GIS\Geo Statistics: Arc GIS\Globe: Arc GIS\Graphics Pipeline: Arc GIS\Map Arc GIS\Network Analyst: Arc GIS\Schematics: Arc GIS\Search: Arc GIS\System: Arc GIS\Tracking: No Mobile specific issues. Communication types AJAX communication AJAX SOAP envelope Submit communication Directly included data Cross domain / local load by JSONP Sessions (AJAX) Server response (AJAX) Synchronous communication (AJAX) Caching (AJAX) API (AJAX) Cell type Cell format Dynamic format and type Cell value Reading / writing attributes by API Cell HTML Range or more values in one cell Cell with link URL Cell hint Cell tooltip / title Cell popup menu Definition of main bar and plans Main bar as Task Edit settings Main bar content and side html Tip on mouse hover Vertical position and height Style specific attributes API to manipulate Main bars Actions Side text (deprecated) Real Flow (deprecated) Gantt Run Definition Extended definition Run bar as Task Edit settings Save format Selecting Run boxes Run box content and side html Tip on mouse hover Box identification Vertical position and height Style specific attributes Overlaid (Error) boxes Dragging - moving and resizing API to manipulate Run boxes Actions Run special formulas Introduction Data units Defining dependencies Dependency colors and shapes Changing dependencies Correcting dependencies Scheduling algorithm Project date constraints Task date constraints Critical path - Slack (Float) Server paging for root rows Server communication in root paging Root paging in very large tables Server paging in tree Server communication in tree paging XML Request for Data in root paging XML Download Data in root paging XML Request for root Page / children XML Download root Page / children API for server paging Show custom menu Custom menu position Custom menu advanced settings Custom menu Java Script events Custom menu Java Script methods Calendar dialog Custom calendar & Java Script events Custom dialog in Java Script List of event handler types Tree Grid mouse events Mouse event names Key and mouse button prefixes Touch event names Event targets Assigning event actions / callbacks Event action parameters Calling actions from Java Script Creating custom actions Focused vs. B: Side buttons could be hidden on cell refresh B: The Auto Update changes were not sent to server after row move B: Firefox on Mac could break down synchronization between fixed and variable rows sections when scrolled to the most right.: If Upload_Type contains both "cells" and "changes", the cells are now uploaded in Body tag instead of Changes tag B: Resizing spanned cell if the main spanned column was hidden broken down grid C: Cell Visible was removed from Simple C: No Format Escape is now applied also to Lines type C: Momentum Scroll attribute now affects also vertical pagers 12.0.16 : Added new style "Material" according to Google Material Design specification B: Incorrect calculation of availability stack bounds if set Gantt Availability Sum B: Dialogs on tablets could be incorrectly placed B: Grouping could be run more times if set server paging with One Page C: On Displace Row is now run also after manual resizing of main tag B: Server child paging with child parts did not render correctly in some cases C: Menu shows item name if not defined item text in It hides the item only if the text is set as empty.

validating newly compiled units no source code is available-90

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It supports many Tree Grid and Spread Sheet features to export.

B: Menu with only one item did not run On Conext Menu event B: Tree Grid could not change style if was in hidden main tag B: Collapse All could not collapse focused row B: Collapse All did not collapse rows with not loaded children B: Selected children of not deletable parents could not be deleted in some cases 12.0.15 B: Horizontal scroll by mouse wheel or touchpad did not work correctly in some browsers - it still scrolled vertically B: Rotate attribute was not read from row and column : Added Filter Ignore Empty to ignore empty cells for filter operators to add new rows for Auto Pages and accept Index instead of id Gantt B: Zoom Undo action in synchronized grids did not scroll correctly : Added column attribute Const Width to display empty relative width column to fill available space : Extended Rel Width Type attribute C: In algorithm of resizing widths if there is no room for grid, the pager is resized after sections with Width and Min Width : Left Width/Mid Width/Right Width can be set to 0 to calculate it as summary of its columns !

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