Validating cross racial identity scale

23-Jan-2015 20:25

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If we are so ideal deep down, why are we such disappointments everywhere else?

Why do we fall so characteristically short in our characters and communities, showing all manner of vice and corruption, and making a cruel and violent mess of our world?

The “Roots” section notes historical versions of natural development in morality, touching on Confucius, Aristotle, Rousseau and Rawls.

The next four sections assess current empirical research in moral psychology focusing on the cognitive-developmental approach of Piaget and Kohlberg and its philosophical theory.

By painting human nature in this ultimately elevated and dignified posture, moral development visions grounded an ultimate hope in human progress.

They forecast the flowering of our species' most humane and admirable potentials, leaving behind its troubled childhood.

Being potentially perfect or self-realizing, we inherit an august natural legacy to fulfill in our individual characters and through community, which reveals our hidden but awesome inherent worth.

On this view, we owe it to ourselves not to sit still or languish in anything less than the full completion and perfection of all our potentials and powers.

These are the basic tenets of moral development in its most vital, if naive historical form--a dominant perspective in ancient ethics and traditional religion.

Newfound credibility for this effort was garnered by abandoning the traditional geneticist position in moral development, which depicted even sophisticated moral reasoning as a physiologically, age-determined phenomenon.

For cognitive-developmentalists, instead, natural development involves complex combinations of trial-and-error social interaction, guided only indirectly by certain implastic similarities in human motivation and basic cross-cultural institutions of social life.

Research suggests that the cognitive competences fueling them and their ordering in a certain sequence are practically unavoidable for functioning in human society.

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And these cognitive competences are decidedly moral in key and holistic respects.Scientifically, a continually strengthening fact-value distinction also placed “natural” and “moral” on opposite sides of the fence causing the history of moral development and perfectionist notions to seem mired in fallacy.