Use windows live messenger without updating

15-Aug-2015 17:01

However, many users of Windows Live Messenger aren’t quite ready to leave the much loved network.If you have been a victim of the automatic Skype update, Messenger Reviver 2 holds the solution.The handy application acts as a repair tool which allows the use of Windows Live Messenger even after the migration to Skype.Messenger Reviver 2 checks to see if Windows Live Messenger is currently installed, which versions can be modified and if they need any new repairs.If you are greeted with the message prompting you to upgrade, simply close the window.This will confirm the fact that you need to use Messenger Reviver in order to carry on using Messenger.But I had the option "Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update windows" turned on which I disabled now. As a result at 3AM after installing Movie Maker I got about 50 updates shoved down my throat and the PC rebooted itself.

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Yuna Software has offices in several places in the world and has an office in Montreal, also known as Kimahri Software, where a development team continues to develop Messenger Plus! Formerly, the software came bundled with optional adware software developed by Circle Development Ltd. website contained a petition to Microsoft's anti-spyware division regarding Windows Defender's (known as Microsoft Anti Spyware at the time) detection of the Messenger Plus!If you do not have any versions installed, Reviver will offer to install one for you. Messenger Reviver 2 will now start up your version of Windows Live Messenger, skipping the window prompting you to update.For those who wish to manually patch or re-install Windows Live Messenger, the option is available to you.This essentially means that your Windows Live Messenger experience can be salvaged by Messenger Reviver 2, even after you upgrade to Skype.

Pros To conclude, Messenger Reviver 2 is the perfect tool for avoiding the Skype update imposed by Windows.

Once successfully installed, Messenger Reviver 2 will begin to scan your computer for previously installed versions of Windows Live Messenger.

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