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07-Aug-2015 06:13

I had a minolta 85 1.7, wasn't too impressed with it's sharpness wide open, people tell me "you have to stop it down a little), well I didn't buy an f1.7 lens to stop it down... My copy of Oly Zuiko 85/2.0 is older,single coated.

Bokeh wise, it's as many have state, it's pretty nice, I can never rate bokeh, but it was at mimimum above average if not excellent. I had my nikon version with the focus confirm chip for 200 new, i'm sure it's even less used. Despite of this,the lens is sharp wide open,but sharpness is hidden behind veiling and some CA and that is the reason, I suppose,many people regard it soft. Canon n FD 85/1.8 at f1.8 Sony A7: Minolta Rokkor 85/2 at f2.0 Sony A7 Sadly I have no any Zuiko 85/2 samples at hand I have both the Rokkor 85/2 and the latest version of Olympus Zuiko 85/2. In fact, I believe it's the next sharpest 85mm lens to the slower Sonnar *T 85/2.8 (C/Y mount).

They are all small,sharp with good colours and acceptable bokeh. I'd love to see how the Pentax-M 85/2 performs compared to the Minolta MD85/2. I wonder how the MD85/2 performs on a Lens Turbo (effektive 62/1.4) compared to the MC 58/1.2.

OM was far from sharp wide open whereas Minolta was more than usable. Very sharp,beautiful Minolta colours,smooth bokeh,capable of 3D rendering.

Here you can find the list of materials (fabric, threads, beads, etc.) which are necessary to complete the Mermaids Of The Deep Blue (MD85).

We have inserted for each item the necessary quantities.

You can obviously change them according to your needings/requests.

When you have arranged the quantities click on the button IN CART at the end of the list and all the products with a quantity different from 0 will be inserted in your shopping cart If you want to buy only the chart click on the button IN CART above the list.I have the early type with silver nose which had been specifically recommended to me for being a "Sonnar", it's good bokeh.

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