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24-Jun-2016 10:45

Yours is indeed a later unit (mainly because you had 2009 maps to begin with where I had 2008), but it's not a 205W in a 200W casing. If yours was a 200W with 205W guts it would have the updated interface ( and - buttons on right) and the software version would be somewhere around 7.00.

If you have recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi with LMT or LM extension (for example Garmin Nuvi 1450 LM, Nuvi 1300 LM, Nuvi 2595lmt, etc) it means that you can benefit from free lifetime map updates (the life of the device of course, or better yet the average usage duration of a Garmin Nuvi).

Or should I install ALL the new maps on the SD card, and then delete the old maps from the nuvi?

Be on the safe side and backup the old maps before deleting anything from the nuvi. Backup this file to another folder/drive elsewhere on your PC before adding the new maps to the unit or SD Card. Map updates have been known to go wrong periodically (the map update installer can be at fault as well as the user).

The 2008 vintage 200s only had enough room on them to fit the continental US internally whereas the 250 could fit all of North America. Since the 2010 maps, there has not been enough room, even by deleting unused language files, to load the entire continental US internally on a 200.

I have all of North America on my 2008 vintage 200W, but I have to load Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and the states of Washington, Oregon, and California on the SD card in order to get the whole thing to fit. I forgot to mention that I have other maps loaded on there as well... Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots - Americas Bluechart v5 - GPSMAP 162 Tide Points - osm map - usa - NE USA Topo Part(s) 1 & 3 - Ibycus USA2 - Ibycus USA Two quick questions: 1. The fact you have 2GB of memory has me 99.9% convinced that you have a new 200W, or what I refer to as a 205W wearing a 200W case.

Well now that we know we can take advantage of free maps for our satnav, what are the steps we should take to get them?

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Depending on the model, the program will detect updates for the software of the device as well as free updates for maps. It will firstly update the navigation software of the Garmin Nuvi device and then it will proceed with the download of the latest available maps storing them in your computer temporary .If you've purchased a map update or lifetime membership from Garmin, you can download map updates through the Garmin Express program.If you prefer your maps free, you can use open source maps from Open Street Map.There is a "Garmin" folder that has sub-folders called "Help", "Text" and "Voice" (among others).

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IF you only use the English language, you can delete all the other files in those directories.While I personally prefer to do it that way, for most people I would recommend doing what Dorkus Nimrod says and load the entire map on the SD card. The only caveat you need to let your daughter-in-law know is that it will take the 200 a bit longer to boot because it has to read from the SD card, which is a bit slower.

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