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updating a file random-11

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a light-weight, embedded database), check out jdbm2 - it also has built in b-tree structures (which are a lot better for file based stores than a binary tree).

Acct# First Name Last Name Balance 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 05 Joe Costanza 0.50 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 19 Jason Bourne 58.00 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 42 Andy Der -15.12 0 "" "" 0.0 0 "" "" 0.0 I want to subtract an amount from balance from all the records that have a non zero account number and write the new updated balance to the file for those records.

I have even tried a single record without any while loop or if statement and it still does not work. loop: In case the plethora of differently-named file variables indicates that some version of your code tried to open the same file multiple times, reading from one version and writing to another: don't do that, and if you really must do it then flush the file between writing to it and trying to read from it.

cf Ptr = fopen("credit.dat", "rb "); fread(&client, sizeof(struct client Data), 1, cf Ptr); client.balance -= service Charge; fseek(cf Ptr,(Num - 1) * sizeof(struct client Data), SEEK_CUR); fwrite(&client, sizeof(struct client Data), 1, cf Ptr); I will assume that error checking on the function return values is 'not needed'; it should be there, but it will complicate things slightly.

Maybe you prompt for the record number(s) to be updated in a loop.

The program should modify or delete a specific record according to employee id, in modifying part it writes the modified record as a new one at the end of the file, the deleting part works only once and then give me a segmentation fault.

That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

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No matter what I try, I just can't write a single updated record back to the file.I am trying to use Random access file to update a binary tree.But I only want to update the nodes that have just been modified instead of rewriting the whole tree everytime I add a node.Then you can seek and read, and seek and write to find records.

updating a file random-26

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Then you can write a function with a loop to dump the contents of the file.I have two questions so far: I'm having a issue writing a object to a file using Random Access File.

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