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Four of them were killed by the Golden Horde and were proclaimed saints by the Russian Orthodox church.

Formerly a land of woods and bogs, the Principality of Tver was quickly transformed into one of the richest and most populous Russian states.

His policy of open conflict with the Golden Horde led to his assassination there in 1318.

His son Dmitry "the Terrible Eyes" succeeded him, and, concluding an alliance with the mighty Grand Duchy of Lithuania, managed to raise Tver’s prestige even higher.

During the Great Feudal War in the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Tver once again rose to prominence and concluded defensive alliances with Lithuania, Novgorod, Byzantium, and the Golden Horde.

Grand Prince Boris of Tver sent one of his men, Afanasy Nikitin, to search for gold and diamonds as far as India.

Two senior branches of the ruling house, those of Kashin and Kholmsky, asserted their claims to the grand ducal throne.

The claimers were backed up by Moscow and eventually settled at the Moscow Kremlin court.

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In the palace of the Prince of Persia took Khozrev Mirza, who came to apologize for the killing of Alexander Griboyedov, met the Prussian King Frederick William III.In 1727 it was transferred to newly established Novgorod Governorate.