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21-Jan-2015 14:40

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Nigerian scammers will use white western man photo, fake ID, fake webcam, fake lawyer’s letter, fake courier letter or pretend to be opposite sex.You cannot escape once you are targeted as they will send many ID's to keep greeting you and in communication with you, constantly chatting you up, preying on you because they know you are lonely, looking for love, ready for new relationship, financially independent, FEAR GOD, ( what religion you believe in, most Nigerian scammers are Christian, making Christian woman their favorite victims).[ Related: Trace Couldn't Get Into A Bar Because Of His Tattoos!] She shared the snap on Instagram Tuesday, but left it caption-less. And to make things MORE inneresting, this is happening after Brenda used the photo-sharing site last month to clear up rumors that she had been pregnant with Trace's baby back in the day!

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Scammers usually operate from Internet cafes, using fake identities and anonymous cell phone numbers.

I have recently been scammed by a Nigerian man posing as a white Hispanic man. We hope this site will save someone life, money and serves as PRE-WARNING TO ALL ONLINE DATING MEMBERS before they venture into online dating in various site.

Please leave comments below, here is a photo of the man he said he was.

After Kanye West with Kim and Tyga with Kylie, it’s A$AP Rocky who has apparently fallen in love with Kendall.

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Last week, the 20-year-old model was attending the rapper’s performance at Kendall didn’t just watch him give his show – she also ate with him in a restaurant the next day, as the rapper invited her in Harlem, his hometown. – and we wonder where they spent the rest of the night! On the other hand, last week another source said the two were just having fun and they were not looking for a serious relationship.

1) Ask your dates to email more than YM chat to enable you to check his IP Address 2) Scammers work in a group and with lots of patience.