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He said he was not surprised by the ensuing debate, but he was surprised by the number of people who had not heard about the phenomenon."There was a lot of anger about the story," he said. They felt that it should not have been discussed, and some women felt a sense of betrayal by black men." But both Mr. Cobb, who have been featured panelists on national talk radio shows including the syndicated Michael Eric Dyson Show, and News & Notes with Ed Gordon on National Public Radio, said this phenomenon underlines a much bigger dialogue that needs to happen within the African-American community.There is an absolute societal poverty when it comes to understanding men, and in particular professional black men," he said.The issue is all about gender and societal affirmation, said William Jelani Cobb, an assistant professor of history at Spelman College in Atlanta.Child safety on the Internet has become an ever-increasing problem facing parents, students, teachers and law enforcement.We as adults have a responsibility to provide our children with access to various types of learning experiences through hands-on experiences.You can find unparalleled richness in human expression and the opportunity to obtain information from all sources which at one time was only available to a few.The quality of information and the behavior of individuals on the Internet vary.

Woods, 37, told a group of about 50 participants at the University of Toledo's third National Conference on Prostitution, Sex Work, and the Commercial Sex Industry yesterday. Woods said, mostly shared within a circle of professional black men in cities across America.The Essence article, "Blame it on Rio," sparked a debate that has since been sizzling in African-American chat rooms online, on national radio talk shows, and at college symposiums. Woods said he didn't know about the phenomenon until two years ago when he heard about it from a friend, who, in turn, had heard about it from another friend. Woods, a community organizer who in 1994 founded Community Outreach Initiatives Inc., a mentoring program for African-American youths in Toledo, said he was intrigued at the prospect of researching the phenomenon because of his interest in studying the attitudes and behaviors of middle-class black men.After conducting interviews with 50 black male professionals in Toledo, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, he concluded that an estimated 2,000 black professionals make annual trips to Brazil.Children also communicate through e-mails, chat rooms and public message boards. The bad news is unsupervised, the Internet can be dangerous, exposing our children to predators and inappropriate material. The survey also found that most families who have youth who use the Internet regularly do not use filtering or blocking software.

Exposure to inappropriate materials and harassment are only a few of the safety issues parents must be aware of today when they have children who are using the Internet.

As members of this vast new electronic community, you and your family must ask yourselves how you will contribute to make it a safer environment for all users.

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