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Use our comprehensive technical documentation to create your own data exporter. Directly import flight data recorded by your GPS using the GPX and KML file formats or convert any proprietary flight data into the straightforward CSV file format.From your cockpit it is hard to know what happened all around you, especially on the other side of the theater...This event script will also fire at the beginning of a mission if respawn On Start is 0 or 1, old Unit will be obj Null in this instance.This script will not fire at mission start if respawn On Start equals -1. The view can be modified to show the data sorted according to various criteria or reduced by filters without modifying the underlying data.An IView Cursor provides to access items within a collection.Game may become unplayable if not scripted correctly. Executed locally and immediately when player is killed in multiplayer mission with "BASE" or "INSTANT" respawn type. Game may become unplayable if not scripted correctly.

Tacview offers you the freedom to track everything instantaneously at any time!

Whether you are a private pilot, a virtual squadron leader, or a casual simer, Tacview is an invaluable tool which enables you to understand what really happened and to improve piloting style as well as tactical skills!

Tacview can read and record flight data from the most popular flight simulators: DCS World, Falcon 4.0, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®, VRS Tac Pack & Superbug, Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Your favorite flight simulator is not yet supported?

You can modify the collection by using the IView Cursor interface may be a view onto data that has been retrieved from a remote location.

When Implementing this interface for data that may be remote it is important to handle the case where data may not yet be available, which is indicated by the property for the view to update.Note: The Flex implementations of ICollection View retrieve all items from a remote location before executing a sort.