Tf3d weather not updating

10-Feb-2016 22:23

I found it to be a significant step forward over previous HTC offerings.

Is it going to out perform my Kodak MX1063 10MP point-and-shoot? Is it better than carrying a phone and a camera on a business trip? Drew: Battery Life was absolutely amazing and lived up to my needs completely.

Granted I didn’t use the unit all day since I’m spending a lot of time driving a desk these days, but easily got 2 days use before re-charging and often left the Wi Fi on all day long. I couldn’t quite get two days of use, but I did easily get through a day of solid use with some energy to spare.

The 1500 m Ah battery performed very well when I had to make day trips to San Angelo, and I didn’t ever feel the need to bring along a charger.

🙂 I’m not going to quibble over how grainy shots in low light are, because let’s face it…no phone without some kind of flash is going to do that well.

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Webcam show 2cam

It’s a convoluted way to get to the huge, unretouched photos, but it’s the best way for you to see them in all their glory.

-= To Install copy all files to \Program Files\S2U2\gfx =- All S2U2 customizations I have included a grey clock and my Manila 3D Weather Icons in the zip file.