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Titles should be written in sentence case (only the first word of the text, proper nouns, and genus names are capitalized). For clinical trials, systematic reviews, or meta-analyses, the subtitle should include the study design. The affiliation includes department, university, or organizational affiliation and its location, including city, state/province (if applicable), and country.Authorship requirements All authors must meet the criteria for authorship as outlined in the authorship policy. Those who contributed to the work but do not meet the criteria for authorship can be mentioned in the Acknowledgments. The corresponding author must provide an ORCID i D at the time of submission by entering it in the user profile in the submission system. If an author has multiple affiliations, enter all affiliations on the title page only.Rather, ensure that the entire equation is included.Avoid “hybrid” inline or display equations, in which part is text and part is Math Type, or part is Math Type and part is Equation Editor. Write out in full the genus and species, both in the title of the manuscript and at the first mention of an organism in a paper.A bad date, we’ve all been there and have had our share of deal breakers.At the end of our wasted time, being polite is not at the top of the list.These services can be found on the web using search terms like “scientific editing service” or “manuscript editing service.” Viewing Figures and Supporting Information in the compiled submission PDF The compiled submission PDF includes low-resolution preview images of the figures after the reference list.The function of these previews is to allow you to download the entire submission as quickly as possible.

24-hour number (also known as the Telephone Report Unit (TRU).

The Police Officers in TRU help meet the community’s needs by providing advice and information; and w riting Police Reports for callers who do not need a personal police response.

Some of the calls where TRU will write the Police Report include: Exceptions are made for non-emergency calls from outside the City of Portland, where the incident occurred in the City.

The corresponding author is the primary contact for the journal office and the only author able to view or change the manuscript while it is under editorial consideration.

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The corresponding author role may be transferred to another coauthor.

TRU is staffed by Sworn Portland Police Officers who answer calls from the non-emergency telephone line of the Police Bureau.

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