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I understand, that it is the big sum, but it to be necessary. To me it simply is not present anybody to address more. I am very grateful to you for all That you to make for me! Yes certainly, if I I shall have this money at me any more will not be what difficulties with Arrival to you, and besides I am direct at the airport shall give you these Money! Favourite my angel, I ask you to send me 3000 dollars! In your letters heat, care, an assurance, tenderness, romanticism earlier was felt. And now all of them are stronger and stronger., the moment of our meeting has almost come also us divided all some hours of flight, but the customs house of me has not passed.

I to you already to tell, that on arrival I shall give you back this money. We shall overcome this obstacle before our meeting. I was so is afflicted and upset, I did not know, how to you it to explain, I thought, that you will not understand Russian laws, I and itself have been surprised!

Why that seems to me, that you will not believe me. Loved Scott I all to understand that you do not have money more!

But the main thing, that I love you, my sweet and gentle Scott!!! But understand also you my situation, that if now I shall not arrive to you, I shall simply lose my air tickets which I already have paid!

Before you invest your emotions into a long distance relationship, compare what they say against common sense.

Someone who claims to be in love without, sight unseen, never having met you in person, is mostly a scammer or simply unbalanced.

It is made, Without which the Russian citizens could come back problems home If something is impossible to them in other country.

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I have made everything, have shown them of money, and wanted to go to write to you the letter. After that on wadded legs I have gone to item of militia and informed them all that happened, signs of this person and has told, that was in a handbag. Later some minutes have found my handbag in a garbage tank of the airport.My ideas have been filled only with you, dreams of the future meeting as I shall see you, my feelings thus as you will lead yourself! And when has gone to a toilet to correct the make-up, for me the guy of years 25 and threatening with a knife of visors my handbag has gone. In it there was only my passport, the visa and cosmetics.

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