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The protest rally speaker stands on a soapbox to be higher than everyone else, the judge sits higher than the rest of the court, the Olympic gold medal winner stands higher than the other medal winners, those who live in a penthouse command more authority than those who live at ground level, some cultures divide their social classes into the 'upper class' and 'lower class' and pharmacists stand 18 inches above everyone else.Superior people can sometimes get on their 'high horses', 'rise to the occasion', 'put themselves on a pedestal' or become 'high and mighty'.Lovers hold hands or put their arms around each other in public to show competitors they have a claim over that person.The business executive puts his feet on his desk or leans against his office doorway to show his claim to that office and its furnishings.Today's hatless man can still be seen giving a simple tap to his forehead when he meets a woman as a relic of his hat-doffing ancestors' habit.

The person symbolically goes to remove their hat and the salute is the modern result.

In addition to the obvious abuse of another's territory or possessions, such as sitting at his desk or borrowing his car without asking, there are many other subtle intimidation techniques.

One is to lean against the doorway in another person's office or to sit in his chair.

Taller men are seen as more protective and can pass this advantage on through their genes.

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Men prefer shorter women because it gives men the apparent height advantage.The person leaning in is perceived as the dominant figure in charge of the personal interaction.