Spreadshirt shop not updating what is the difference between friends and dating

04-May-2015 21:21

So if you want to use DKK instead of EUR, change the currency in the Shop options of your Spreadshirt Shop. Please update to the most recent version Activate by changing shop_designershop="0" to shop_designershop="DESIGNERSHOPID" where DESIGNERSHOPID is your designer shop ID. Activate by changing shop_display="0" to shop_display="1" or change it in the admin panel. Please go to the settings page in the admin panel of the plugin and click "Rebuild cache". This will overwrite the default plugin settings just for the page, where you have added this shortcode.

But be sure to not have any products in your shop, because Spreadshirt doesn't allow changing it, when you've already products in it. This might be a problem resulting of a special URL structure (permalinks).

It gives the shop a very personal and unique touch and can support a conversion increase.

Nevertheless, header images need to be responsive and should not take too much space in the shop to prevent a loss of focus for your customers.

I guess the markup can be justified as advertising cost but it's annoying to see different prices of the same product everywhere. Spreadshirt has a loyalty towards their end customer and the bottom line of course.

If I were a customer and I wanted a shirt I saw on the marketplace, I want to get it for the cheapest price. You see I have to click on the product, click on the designer's name, click on their shop name and bam, there it is. But they need to take care of their shop owners and designers too.

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So you have to "upgrade" your account to get unlimited design uploads and a designer shop. After you get your shop set up, it is now up to you to promote it. This made me realize what a waste of money the upgrade was. Keep an eye on which designs get put on different shops.

Like watching Fox News ;) There are many people making money off of Spreadshirt. Raster designs on the other hand get blurry and pixelated when resized. Sure you can upload raster designs but they look like crap and they get horribly pixelated when resized.