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Now, what if word gets out that they had to contact you?In some of the small towns I lived in, if DHS or CPS had to contact someone (even by phone), then it wasn't long until the whole town knew. Take government agency out of the picture, and just think about gossip.Treat this as any other private family event, and don't involve strangers.Since that's what you're already doing, then keep on doing that.Public places almost always have private places you can remove yourself to. Now, imagine someone actually feels the need to call such an agency to report you.Do you believe they will accurately portray events?I'm not ignorant to the fact that spanking has (for whatever reason) gained a bad reputation in the last decade, but I'm also not ignorant to the fact that many (most? I live in a state that allows physical punishment so legally I should have no concerns, but I still find myself stuck when my child disobeys in public and I feel forced to do nothing about it until we get home (which by then it would be too late for them to associate their bad behavior with the spanking anyway).

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What if that social worker is required to give you a phone call or perform an on-site follow up?It was (and is) an influential book - I saw many of my friends using the technique with their children - responsible for innumerable incidents of serious child abuse, including death.