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It didn’t matter if they were reaching out to white, black, Hispanic or Middle Eastern men.

Alas, even in a medium filled with people seeking to meet, black women are still having a hard time connecting.“I don’t think that we should take these statistics too seriously,” Ama Yawson, co-founder of Love, told the Grio.“Black people who go to a mainstream site such as aren’t necessarily black people who are interested in meeting other black people online.

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Online dating websites are in many ways like virtual Viagra.

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The dating website released a study back in October 2009 that revealed that black women on the site are the users who reply the most when contacted; however they are the ones who get the least replies when they initiate contact.I wanted to create a space that was serious in its intention, yet playful in its interactivity.” She continued, “I thought that there was a great market opportunity for a site catering to black women who are open to dating all races, because many black women are having less than stellar experiences on mainstream dating sites; however they don’t want to join niche interracial sites or black-only sites for various reasons.” As a single black female in her early forties, I know all too well the challenges of meeting an available and appropriate partner — online or off.After discovering that her then fiancée was in fact already married to someone else, she went on a journey to discover “love’s essence.” “I wanted to attract and to be open to any man who could give that love regardless of race, culture, height, age and other demographic characteristics.” When I asked why she opted to start her own site versus simply joining another, she answered, “None of the sites I looked at had a philosophy that I believed in.We also have a unique social events calendar that is available to all members to really impress on a first or second date.

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We offer all our products to our affiliates for sale.Throughout my twenties and early thirties, I never worried about whether there would ever be a shortage of prospective mates.

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