Sirius radio updating stuck

14-Jan-2015 15:30

There is a space at the END of the user name or password.

When the username is displayed press the back space once to delete the empty space then select ‘END’ then when the Password is displayed press the backspace once to verify there is no space then select ‘END’/Enter Many users change their Sirius XM user name and password during the lifetime of their contract with Sirius XM.

sirius radio updating stuck-86

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I've had the fuses disconnected and re-connected and it still won't work. What I found in one little piece of owners manual was this. I guess some of our radios id #'s must not match up with their vin descriptions in their database, cause the person on the phone sounded surprised this was my I'd number. hope this helps somebody in the future cause it was driving me effin CRAZY!!

All amounts charged to your account, including fees and shipping charges for Receivers purchased directly from the Site, may be subject to tax, which will vary according to your billing or shipping address and applicable law.

Sirius XM radios have been designed to provide you with trouble-free performance without the need for servicing.

For weather data Service, the activation fees can be found in our Customer Agreement.

Taxes: You are responsible for all taxes or other government fees and charges, if any, which are assessed based on the Service address on your account.

* Recent update: Sirius XM suggests that your password for the internet radio be under 10 characters each.

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