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03-Nov-2015 22:22

We as the community of LGBT centers demand that politicians and religious leaders stop spewing their hateful rhetoric and justifying their words with ignorance or religious verse. We will not stand by quietly when you whisper, shout, or legislate your hate.

In response you will hear our shouts of condemnation for your actions, and our shouts of love and support for our LGBT family. With the support of our allies and fair-minded people from around the globe, we will win full equality for LGBT people, everywhere and forever.

We must make a decision about whether we want to be a country that is content with mass shootings becoming commonplace.

LGBT people will always be at risk as long as bigots have easy access to assault weapons.

We appreciate the outpouring of support from Muslim leaders and are working hard to support the many LGBT Muslims struggling to heal from this tragedy.

We as the community of LGBT centers call for our communities, our allies, and our friends to demand action to hold our elected officials accountable for passing laws that limit access to assault weapons.

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maybe work is the wrong word as we enjoy spending time updating and improving our website, it's still our hobby to this day, and we enjoy meeting people and having fun.

We see this resilience now as we gather for local vigils, raise funds for the survivors, and renew our commitments to visibly demonstrate the many facets of our community pride.