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We will assume their sex is the one that will minimise the number of bedrooms needed, unless you confirm the baby’s sex. If you are successful, the landlord of the property will contact you by phone, so it’s really important that you tell us if you change your phone number, otherwise you might miss out on the property.

As a rule, you cannot bid for properties with more bedrooms than you need. We will offer you the opportunity to view the property and we will check your application to make sure you are entitled to the property.

However, we may change your housing priority as a result.

After we have received your filled-in change of circumstances form, we will write to you and let you know if your Home Choice application has changed as a result.

Prosecutor Andrew Wallace told the court the victim had drank a large quantity of alcohol after going to the Leamington Peace Festival last summer.

He said O'Keefe, from Warwick, was said to have been "excited, shouting and annoying everyone" and had "tried it on" with one of the girl's friends.

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If your circumstances change, you will need to tell the Housing Advice Team.Explaining why his new plea had been accepted, Mr Wallace said the girl's evidence had been unreliable.Graeme Simpson, defending, said before the case was listed for trial they had been asking for the CCTV footage.This means that you will only have to fill in one form to apply for housing and everybody is assessed in the same way, no matter who the landlord is.

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There are many more people applying for housing each year than there are empty properties to let and Home Choice helps us to decide which applicants are allowed to register and who will be given priority for housing.

This includes telling us about the following changes: Change of circumstances form If you have changed address, you need to fill in a new application form.