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However, there may be several cases where it is not clear what "Friends" refers to at all.

For examples see the quotations on Double Jeopardy and Oxford English Dictionary.

This title is acceptable in Chinese, because a lot of Chinese people know the name Huo Yuanjia (similar to how most Americans are familiar with the name Alex Trebek). As long as an entry meets Wiktionary CFI, and is well formatted, I think it should stay.

Therefore, in my opinion, we should have appropriate entries for each and every song, TV show, movie, person, book title along with their translations into other languages. Some people may actually want to know how to say X-Files in Min Nan (X Tóng-àn). Incidently, Paris Hilton is 帕丽斯·希尔顿 in Mandarin and got over 46,000 hits on Google China[1].

DAVilla , 7 March 2007 (UTC) The entire article should not be deleted.

Whatever the merits of sitcom title (which I'm undecided about), Friends is heavily attested as a term for Quakers (a sense I just added).

-- I haven't heard such use myself, but then I wouldn't expect to, and I rather suspect it exists. Semper Blotto , 3 March 2007 (UTC)This is an interesting dilemma - it opens the door to us listing the name of every TV show (and for that matter movie, song, or band name) for which the title meets the CFI.

would not the proper thing to do in this case be to raise the issue for a vote?Valid uses of both of these proper nouns can easily be found by doing a quick search on google.

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