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02-Oct-2016 06:30

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Because we’re developing this stuff live, we may not always be able to give an exact date for a feature or bug fix.However, we CAN keep you informed about what we’re working on, how things are going and when we hope to deliver.To update the firmware for your Rock Band instrument you will need: Xbox One: A Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PC or Apple Mac running OS X 10.10 or higher, with an available USB port and a USB to USB Micro Cable Play Station 4: A Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PC or Apple Mac running OS X 10.10 or higher, with Bluetooth capability Click the appropriate link for the instrument that you wish to update to download the firmware updater application: If the connection is broken at any time during the update process it might leave the instrument in a non-detectable state. Press and hold the Xbox Guide View buttons and then replace the battery.Having issues with the custom song playing process? Check out the sticky topics in this forum for answers to almost all of your questions, or ask for help on the rest. This is your one-stop shop to find answers to questions you have about Harmonix products. XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 AND KINECT ARE TRADEMARKS OF MICROSOFT CORPORATION IN THE UNITED STATES AND/OR OTHER COUNTRIES.Browse through our Knowledgebase below to find tips, tricks, How-To videos, and step-by-step instructions for all your Harmonix-related questions. "PLAYSTATION" AND "EYETOY" ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT INC.This also includes non-authoring things that may be relevant to authoring, like building packs and manipulating files/files. Looking for feedback/help from the community at large, or just looking to tell people what you're ACTIVELY working on?

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Submit a request using the form above and someone should be in touch with you soon! ROCK BAND, DANCE CENTRAL, BEAT SPORTS, A CITY SLEEPS, HARMONIX MUSIC VR, RECORD RUN, VIDRHYTHM, PHASE AND OTHER RELATED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DEVELOPED BY HARMONIX MUSIC SYSTEMS, INC. If this is the case, but you cannot update for whatever reason, please put "n/a".– getting the game to market took every ounce of effort that we could muster and we really appreciate all the support and feedback we’ve received from the community.(Warning: Cats must be playing Rock Band to justify pictures.) A place where we will be posting glorious news on glorious updates to glorious components of this glorious project.

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New features, blog posts (that aren't announcements), and changes will all be announced here.

The site has been revamped with personal pages for individual rockers as well as entire bands. The pages also include a details section that let rockers post short bios, list their favorite bands, and there's even a section called "Songs I Wish Were in ." We can only hope that Harmonix will use these sections to influence what DLC we'll eventually see for the game.