Robbie williams dating history

04-Nov-2016 10:47

The British pop star is once again throwing some severe shade at his former fling, Geri Halliwell! Tell us what you want, what you really, really want, why don’t you!

He not only regrets being the Spice Girl's lover, he also admitted that he only ever wanted to get with her friends, Mel B. It was last year that Robbie blasted Geri the first time, saying he wished he had never slept with her and should have gone after Posh instead!

The 63-year-old multimillionaire is also the biggest male touring artist in the world, and sells out more stadiums than Bruce Springsteen.

During an interview on an Australian radio program, Robbie said on-air: Very ouch, baby! Plus, you really think your wife wants to hear about which Spice Girl you wish you had and hadn’t boned?! The 40-year-old singer’s wife came up later in the radio interview, when Robbie explained hers and Mel B.’s relationship!"Tom wants some companionship." Tom Cruise, of course, has a complicated relationship history.