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I still don't think he's as hot as every other girl proclaims him to be, although the kissing scenes with Rainie are great (TVB actors should study them).

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“To me, in my memory, I think I just entered the ebiz, and 10 years is just gone like that.” Revealing that he is now single, Mike He admits that he really wants a girlfriend, hoping that he can get married before 35 years old,”friends around me are those whom I know for more than 8,9 years, I haven’t made new girl-friends for very long, even people in the ebiz are just work interactions, hard to have private interactions.

Huo Yan, the ever-dutiful son, tries to convince Huo Da to complete his university degree and to stop risking his life in motorcycle competitions.

Tensions run high among the two, since the rebellious Huo Da hates his older brother for being the product of an affair that ruined his parents' marriage. Enter Tong Jia Di, a poor, scrimping girl who first encounters the brothers at a company event (the company is owned by the Huo family).

Offscreen, Mike He revealed that kissing Dayuan was like incest, however, Dayuan who filmed for the first time self-exposed that acting with Mike He whether kissing, crying or fighting scenes felt like love.

Practiced Kissing, Love to Kiss Rainie Yang Most Despite the goddess’ confession, Mike He did not appreciate, he said that “This should be one of the hardest scene since my debut.” He was actually almost suffered from a mental breakfown due to the twin roles in the drama, he laughed sadly “I would always scare people when I practise my lines at the set, because I said the elder brother’s line one the left and switching to the right to say the younger brother’s line, everyone said that I was coming insane.” He had kissed Rainie Yang, Cyndi Wang and Janine Zhang in drama, Mike He straightforwardly said “Rainie and Janine are very direct, best chemistry with Rainie but it felt like kissing your dude, it’s strange (the word can mean fantastic, weird, wonderful, etc).

They are also stuck in a love triangle, with Huo Da pining after Yan Shu, who in turn is in love with Huo Yan. There, she catches the attention of both, and she falls for Huo Yan.