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03-Jul-2015 20:41

It's easy to access the site by car as the A303 main road runs adjacent to the site.Some say that this road was built too close to Stonehenge and that it was disrespectful to the the site and to its history.The Windmill Hill People - Furrows and Mounds The first group who began construction of Stonehenge were a tribe called the Windmill Hill people who were so-named due to their earthworks on a nearby hill (Windmill Hill).it is believed that the Windmill Hill people began construction of the site by building the large circular furrows and mounds that create a border around the site.Built out of huge stone blocks, some of which are estimated to have weighed around 4 tonnes, which are thought to have been transported in from more than 160 miles away, Stonehenge is a true marvel of ancient engineering. Well, given the age of the Stonehenge structure there has been plenty of opportunity for numerous myths and folklore.Some of these myths would have us believe that the person who built Stonehenge was the devil, whilst other myths point to it being Merlin who built Stonehenge and used it for magical purposes.

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Archaeologists have assumed that the Beaker People were more warlike in nature than most tribes of their time because they buried their dead with more weapons, such as daggers and battle-axes.

When something dies the carbon it contains decays gradually over time.

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