Radiocarbon dating method synonyms

09-Jul-2016 23:42

It is fairly reliable for deep-sea sediments as the temperature is generally more stable.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: archaeomagnetic intensity dating, archaeomagnetism, palaeointensity dating, archaeomagnetic age determination CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: A chronometric method used to date objects containing magnetic materials -- especially for buried undisturbed features such as pottery kilns, earthen fireplaces, and brick walls -- which can be compared to known schedules of past magnetic alignments within a region and fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field.The remains of these cultures have been found mainly in the North American Plains as well as in the eastern and southwestern regions of North America.

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Other problems of contamination have occurred, so the technique is not fully established.The big-game-hunting tradition began to decline or change after 8000 CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: Any of a serious of methods of analyzing bone samples, especially by measuring fluorine, uranium, nitrogen -- also called the FUN technique -- or by using stratigraphy.

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