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QText Document provides an is Modified() function which will return true if the text has been modified since it was either loaded or since the last call to set Modified with false as argument. QText Edit also supports custom drag and drop behavior.By default, QText Edit will insert plain text, HTML and rich text when the user drops data of these MIME types onto a document.It can be changed through the viewport()'s cursor property.QText Edit can display a large HTML subset, including tables and images.All the information about using QText Edit as a display widget also applies here.The current char format's attributes are set with set Font Italic(), set Font Weight(), set Font Underline(), set Font Family(), set Font Point Size(), set Text Color() and set Current Font().

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Selection of text is handled by the QText Cursor class, which provides functionality for creating selections, retrieving the text contents or deleting selections.The set Line Wrap Mode() function is used to specify the kind of line wrap you want, or No Wrap if you don't want any wrapping.