Pros and cons of dating multiple men

12-Oct-2016 18:31

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I don’t have a problem with paying for a date with a coupon, but I cant front as if I’ve ever done that before.

Honestly, I don’t know how comfortable I would feel whipping out a “2 for 1 drinks Taco Tuesday” special coupon on a date without fear of judgment from a woman.

A woman might see the coupon and be reminded of younger days when men they dated considered breakfast at IHOP as gourmet dining.

They will tell you that coupon dinners are cool when it’s fast food or chain restaurant dining, but at a nicer establishment or a more formal sit-down dinner it’s out of line.

So as I skimmed my timeline, I saw the discussion revolving around dating (as usual).

Women seemed to be in an uproar over men who paid for dates with coupons.

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I’ve said this ad nauseum in the 6 years that I have blogged, but women don’t respect a man who doesn’t have a grasp on his finances.

One would have to wonder if the cheapness a man exhibits correlates directly to the level of admiration they have for that woman.

Now all cases are different, and money spent doesn’t always mean that you love a woman, but no one likes a cheap skate. Although I do agree that fiscal responsibility is an admirable trait that men can exhibit, I am a big proponent of tact.

If you have made the proper connections in life, and done even minimalistic research into stores, products, and deals, then you should never pay for everything at full price.

The benefit of an under performing national economy is that every business wants your patronage, and they are willing to sweeten deals.

They will feel like the dinner is sub par even if it’s the best meal they have ever eaten!

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