Problems with dating russian women

07-Dec-2015 05:42

I have many friends who successfully maintain websites where they advertise dating with foreigners in order to create a family.These people earn very good money on the desire of women to get married and leave the country." The Russian military have received an opportunity to see everything that happens in the air and in space from the coast of Morocco to Spitzbergen and to the east coast of the United States. But on finding and marrying one – even one as rich as Croesus – many Russian women feel trapped. I tolerated him." Her daughter Yekaterina, known as Katia, was nine years old at the time of the divorce."Our men are too lazy, prefer to drink in front of a TV or a computer, without thinking of how to amuse their women," Dengin continues. The most familiar cliche of family life in Russia is still a drunk father yelling at a mother with almost daily husband and wife rows. "If we had given each other oxygen, maybe we would have stayed together," Lazareva admits.In search of a better life Russian women go abroad, hoping for happiness with a foreign prince. It is my understanding that the issue is probably not that marriage is mixed, but the fact that people do not know how to build relationships. The strangest and scariest thing, in my opinion, is that the number of women wishing to marry a foreigner is only growing. Ru Inna Novikova talked to a psychiatrist, associate professor of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, Vladimir Faynzilberg, to find out why Russian ladies are attracted to foreign countries and foreign suitors, and why mixed marriages are rarely happy."I hear many stories of Russian women who are married to foreigners from different countries. Over 16 years of life in the West working as a psychotherapist, I tried to help a vast number of people. They were mostly mixed marriages, though not always one of the spouses was Russian. These women were often in a dead-end situation, and often they needed the help not only of a therapist but also a lawyer.In the past two years, many other men in Russia's elite are known to have ditched their wives for younger women.

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She often turns up there around midnight and stays until 8am drinking with friends.

"At birth there is an equal number of girls and boys; by age 30, men begin to disappear, victims of industrial trauma, war, car accidents.

Fewer than a half of them survive until 65, the pension age, so millions of babushkas live alone for the rest of their life," Moskalkova continues. Most know that marriage can never be a lifelong ­guarantee – Russia's divorce rate has been climbing to around 50%.

"Russia's problem is that men here have no idea how to treat women.

I sometimes think they prefer each other's company, and a bottle, to these beauties," he says, pointing to some of his customers.

Von Polier disagreed: "The key problem is that Russian women are the most money-oriented women in the world," he argued.

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