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If for any reason whatsoever, you feel that you did not get a superb value for your investment, I'll personally refund your total purchase price.

The Spiritual Path is more than one's personal view of the Divine or living a more conscious and self-actualized lifestyle, it is about Connecting Hearts at a Soul Level to ascend into a new era of Peace and Harmonious Living.

Where better to begin connecting hearts than with your own soul mate?

Find your Divine Complement AND share that Gift of Love with a child in need.

Sell it once and you've made a 100% Return On Investment. You keep in touch with your prospects and customers on a weekly basis by offering them valuable information.

At the same time, you're selling them your products, services and opportunities.

We believe that you attract the energy you send out.

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Each message gives your prospect valuable marketing or business information in a mini-newsletter format.Your personal recommendations within the newsletter offer your prospect your product, service, subscription, business opportunity, or whatever you have to promote.Fill up your autoresponder with prospects by giving away this Free Report.If you think the only way to make a profit, or to increase the money you make online is by driving more traffic to your website - you're only half right.

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While driving a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website is important, the most effective way to convert your website visitors into paying customers is through follow-up marketing.

To put this in perspective, your 3-month subscription to Ascending Hearts Conscious Dating Community results in a donation that can provide food, clothing, and help educate a child in northern Uganda FOR A MONTH! What better way to attract Love than to send out Love?