Plex thumbnails not updating

19-Feb-2016 20:06

Related Page: Plex Media Server Activity Creating the video preview thumbnails can take a considerable amount of time and CPU resources.

It's not uncommon for a single movie to take 10 minutes or more of processing, during which the majority of your CPU resources will be used.

Now we need to tell Plex to overwrite the cached metadata: a) Open Plex Media Manager (Click the Plex icon at the top of the screen, then click Media Manager) b) Find the Movie with the partially downloaded artwork, right click and choose ‘Fix Incorrect Match’ c) All you need to do in this step is select a different movie, it doesn’t matter what it is , as long as it is different.

Also, make sure you remember what the correct match was! Tell Plex to download the correct metadata for the Movie: a) Find the Movie with the partially downloaded artwork in Media Manager, right click and choose ‘Fix Incorrect Match’ again c) Now select the correct movie, Plex will now re-download the correct metadata, including a new copy of the artwork!

All seems to work but I am unclear on a certain issue in regards to thumbnails for my movies.

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It really brings TV and Movie collections to life and makes browsing and watching media so much better than any other system I have ever used.This fix will also work for other content such as TV shows etc with a few very obvious tweeks. Open up a terminal and run this command to change to the Plex DB directory (Notice the backslashes escaping the spaces in the directory names): 3.