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03-Oct-2016 04:43

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The number of adult personals to choose from is huge – you could be dirty chatting with new women every night if you want to!Dating sites are officially the new normal – you've got to get involved.It’s all a delicate ecosystem of crappy sites designed to make you feel like if one site doesn’t work, then there are thousands of others to try.

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Even those that aren’t working in the industry don’t need help finding guys for sex.

You’ll see their ads in porn videos or as banner ads on porn tube sites.

Then when you go to the site, they ask you a series of questions to “see if you qualify.” Magically, everybody qualifies.

With how widespread the internet has become, it is now much more convenient for people to pursue their relationship goals when they are ready.

Dating websites have made it easier for people from all over the world to connect with each other, finding common interests and bonding together based on shared chemistry results.

Then they send you to whichever site is paying them the most to send you there.