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29-Jul-2015 14:03

Tall, short, skinny, average or fat; It does'nt matter to me as long as she has a good self-image. When at 300 pounds, I dated a woman who was 4'11" and 97 pounds soaking wet. Have I been turned down on dates because of my fat? I didn't see comments about hair loss or impotence but probably didn't enter a mind so full of bitterness.

My post was not rhetorical incidentally, nor was it an insult.

At this point I don't feel I'm healthy (and I'm none too happy about it) and I would expect that a girl to whom I am physically attracted ( healthy and/or healthy life style) would have the same expectations of her man. Defeatist perhaps and possibly not even a realistic attitude but one I'm not easily able to overcome. get back in shape so I can feel good about myself again.

I'll add an additional comment as well although I won't be surprised or hurt if you're sick of hearing it.

So I hope that the next time you read a post, you are able to come up with something to say versus personal insults. I, like most people, have settled in the past - and being with someone who is not the right fit, is a misery in itself, and someone always gets hurt.

If you're happy alone, then why ruin it by having someone just for the sake of having someone?

He has been extremely polite to me and asked me out to dinner.

I'm growing ever nervous about this date, because he is overweight, and I've never been on a date with an overweight person.

It sounds shallow, but I don't know if I can overlook it. Your list of criteria is pretty intimidating and in my mind creates a perception of a woman who is demanding and hard to please.While it may be bourne of past bad experiences you want to avoid repeating I think you're doing yourself a disservice at least in the way you present it.In parsing the OP, the only motive I can detect for such rhetorical questions would be some kind of blanket insult meant to attack as many men as possible with as low a blow as the OP's mind can conceive. The follow-ups drift into bitter assumptions about employment yet the OP does not state any employment.

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I didn't see comments about hair loss or impotence but probably didn't enter a mind so full of bitterness.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I've always been attracted to the same general body type, no matter what my own body type was.

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Emma had smiled her best professional smile; ignoring the way her heart beat a little faster at his accent.… continue reading »

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