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Keystone XL is the president’s test for his resolve on climate - but he won’t reject it without our pressure.

Over the past year, more than 95,000 people have signed the pledge, and we’ve trained more than 450 local Pledge of Resistance leaders to deploy these tens of thousands of people in peaceful, dignified civil disobedience if necessary.

That while NASA's chief climate scientist's assertion that Keystone XL will spell 'game over' for the climate may be true, it is essentially irrelevant.

That we should let the bankers and the oil companies profit while the planet inevitably burns. And so, that day reminded us of something else, too: Those two weeks in August of 2011, when the peaceful and dignified arrest of 1,253 people over two weeks at President Obama's front door effectively stopped what was considered a virtually guaranteed presidential approval of Keystone XL.

Now is the time to show that you are prepared to stand with tens of thousands of others in a massive wave of peaceful and dignified civil disobedience if the State Department recommends approval.

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