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08-Jul-2016 14:39

Even those websites that claim to be free are there to make money.They may not charge membership fee from those who sign up but they find other means to earn profit out of it.Most of such websites advertise themselves as free sites.However, each person has his own perception and understanding of what free means..The following are some of the common complaints I hear from western guys who are dating or are married to a Chinese girl:1.She gets too over-emotional, not just in the way a western woman would, but really 'over the top' emotional.2.

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I recall a guy I knew some years ago who was really into one particular Chinese girl I had met a few times.Such websites usually scan profiles of those who want to upgrade and work towards keeping their site free from scammers.Since their members are not mere numbers for them, they take various steps to ensure security and privacy to their members.She's way too possessive, and I can't understand because it wasn't like that in the beginning of our relationship.3.

She seems to think it's acceptable and necessary that she controls the finances.

Genuine people who register with such sites are at the mercy of worst kind of online criminals who are capable of harming unsuspecting people financially but also physically and emotionally.