Oab lzx files not updating

30-Oct-2016 20:15

To examine the current diagnostics logging level for the MSExchange FDS service on the server LABCAHT, use the following cmdlet: I was not able to use the wildcard character with the Set-Event Log Level cmdlet, hence the need to run each cmdlet separately.

These three event logs will have a source of MSExchange FDS and a category of either File Replication or General.You may also notice the Internal Url and External Url parameters and how they are the same as those that you have just seen in Figure 22.Therefore, using the Exchange Management Shell, it is possible to alter these parameters using the Set-Oab Virtual Directory cmdlet with the –Internal Url and –External Url parameters.For Outlook 2010, the actual OAB files are downloaded and stored into the following location: C:\Users\App Data\Local\Microsft\Outlook\Offline Address Books\ Inside this folder you will see several *. Figure 23: Outlook OAB Files What you will notice from Figure 23 is that the GUID folder name matches the OAB .

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LZX file names that you saw in Figure 12 in part three of this article series, which is useful when tracking issues during the OAB generation and download process.

In the Exchange Management Console, navigate to Server Configuration and then Client Access.